Adam´s Rinse + Coat 12OZ

2,500 kr.

Adam’s Rinse + Coat is an instant, hydrophobic sealant that can be applied with a simple mist and rinse style of application to boost hydrophobicity of your current protection or to generate new protection stand alone. Adam’s Rinse + Coat produces a dazzling amount of gloss and is surprisingly durable and chemically resistant for its ridiculously easy nature of application. One quick application can last as long as 90 days!


  • Ready to Use Formula – No Dilution Necessary
  • Effortless Spray On/Rinse Off Application
  • Provides Added Hydrophobicity, Slickness and Gloss
  • Suitable for All Surfaces Including Glass and Plastics
  • Hybridized Polymer Formulation Seals Paint for up to 90 Days!

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