H2O Guard and Gloss

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H2O er uppáhalds efnið okkar.  Spray-ar því á blautan bílinn, þurkar með rakri Gray microfiber towel og á eftir með Double soft towel.  Frábær glans og perlar af bílnum með minnstu fyrirhöfn sem hægt er.  Má fara á rúður og plast líka.

Our revolutionary water activated sealant product protects, shines, and seals your paint while you dry!

  • Hybrid Technology combines 3 protective ingredients in one product
  • Acrylic Resins, Si-O2 Resins, Carnauba Flakes
  • Provides Lasting Protection and Shine
  • Light Grey Color, Honey Dew Fragrance
  • Made in the USA

Adam’s H2O Guard & Gloss has been a fan favorite since its launch in 2015, setting industry standards for drying aids and combining drying and sealing your paint in the easiest way possible! Delivering lasting protection, and unmatched gloss in a unique water-activated formula, it’s the fastest and easiest way to apply a layer of paint sealant to your finish. But like all good things, competition catches up at some point and joins the party… luckily, we just made our formula even more of a showstopper and set the bar higher for the industry.

Use Adam’s H2O Guard & Gloss with Hybrid Technology on your plastics, paint, glass, & wheels!

The application couldn’t be more simple – apply by misting over a wet vehicle and spreading with a premium plush microfiber towel or go for the dry application, using a pre-moistened microfiber towel to apply protection and shine. Regardless of the method you choose you’ll agree that Adam’s H20 Guard & Gloss is the easiest, fastest, and most effective way to seal your paint that you’ve ever used.

Once you experience Adam’s H20 Guard & Gloss you’ll never want to go back to applying protection any other way.