Micro Silk Glass Towel

1,200 kr.

Adam’s Polishes MicroSilk Glass Towels are ideal for Navigation Screens, tinted windows, and any other delicate surfaces. Keep one in your car to do quick touch-ups or clean your glasses!

  • Completely Borderless Towel Design
  • Streak Free Delicate Glass and Screen Cleaning
  • Soft Microfiber Silk Like Texture
  • Approx. 16″ x 20″

These MicroSilk Glass Towels work great for delicate glass or plastic lenses used in gauge clusters that can easily scratch with other materials – mist a small amount of Adam’s Glass Cleaner into the towel, and gently wipe across the gauge cluster. The generous size of the towel lets you use a new clean section for each section of a gauge cluster, then take another dry section of the towel or a second MicroSilk Glass Towel and carefully wipe away any excess residue.

Don’t forget to clean your rearview mirror, side mirrors, and sun visor vanity mirrors, too! You’ll find several uses for the MicroSilk Glass Towels around your house: phone, tablet, and laptop screens, bathroom mirrors, and more!

PRO TIP: Glass is sensitive to dirty towels which is what can cause streaking. If you use a towel that’s previously been used for polishing or waxing, remaining product residue is bound to leach out and smear your glass. Dedicated glass towels are your best bet, and make sure that saturated towels are replaced with fresh ones for maximum performance. Make sure to not over saturate your towel for a streak and haze-free finish!

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