Adam´s Mini Plush Drying Towel

3,000 kr.

Adam’s Mini Plush Drying Towel is an extremely soft, effective drying towel for crevices, door jambs, wheels, and post-drying cleanup! We have all had the experience of drying our vehicle off, perfecting the windows, and a streak-free shine, but there always happens to be a drip of water coming down from some crevice or water-logged wheels. Adam’s Mini Plush Drying Towel allows for small, mobile-use to get every nook and cranny possible for a drip-free drying experience.
  • 16×20” Twist Pile Drying Towel
  • 540 GSM, Single Layer Microfiber with Lylex banding
  • Scratch-Free Dye sublimation branding
  • Soft & Extremely Absorbent Microfiber Drying Towel
  • A Safe & Effective Way To Dry Drips Without Draging Your Towel On The Ground