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UV Flashlight

4,500 kr.

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Requires 6 AA batteries, not included in the package. Designed to expose Adam’s Ceramic Glow Technology, this UV Flashlight is your key to the perfect ceramic coating application. When using Adam’s UV Wheel Coating, UV Paint Coating and UV Ceramic Spray Coating, this light exposes where the coating has been applied so you never miss a spot!

  • For Use With Adam’s UV Ceramic Coatings
  • Reveals Ceramic Glow Technology During Application
  • Requires 6- AA Batteries, Not Included. 
  • Impact & Weather Resistant
  • 395 NM, 100-LED UV Blacklights
  • Made In China

When you’re ceramic coating your car, it can be difficult to see where you’ve applied ceramic coating as the product is clear. With Adam’s Ceramic Glow Technology, you’re able to see not only where you’ve applied coating but how thoroughly it’s been applied to the surface being treated with the help of Adam’s UV Flashlight. This 100-LED UV Flashlight reveals the Ceramic Glow tracer and helps you to perfect your ceramic coating process. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional-installer, your skills can always be improved and built on. With Adam’s Ceramic Glow Technology, you’re unlocking the ability to apply a ceramic coating hassle-free.

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